Your donation will help us to conserve the convent's heritage.

To maintain and protect this unique and extensive cultural monument, we are dependent on financial support.

For this reason we have launched the ‘Convent heritage’ campaign, which focuses on a current project that you can support by making a donation. At the moment restorers are cleaning one of the 1200-year-old church frescoes (see campaign). The entire proceeds of the campaign will be dedicated to restoration work. If you visit St. John’s Convent in Müstair you will be able to see for yourself the church’s wonderful cycle of frescoes.

Of course you can choose to support another project. All contributions are welcome.
Your donation is tax-deductable and can be paid into our account as follows:

Graubündner Kantonalbank, 7002 Chur

PC 70-216-5 / 
CK 302.877.100 774

Stiftung Pro Kloster St. Johann in Müstair

7537 Müstair

IBAN: CH26 0077 4110 3028 7710 0

Please indicate where your donation should be used.

We are most grateful for your support. Thank you.