Friends of the Convent - a living World Heritage Site

The Association of Friends of the Convent of St. John in Müstair was set up in 1999, with the aim of bringing together people who share an interest in the convent and world cultural heritage. The association now has around 550 members. With the funds provided by membership subscriptions, donations and legacies the association is able to assist in the financing of restoration projects. Association subscriptions are tax-exempt. Members periodically receive a newsletter informing them of progress in restoration work.

Friends' association - Activities

Funds raised from membership subscriptions are used entirely to finance projects instigated by the Foundation. The annual general meeting takes place in Müstair, at which time participants have the opportunity to receive the latest news of progress in restoration work from competent individuals (cantonal archaeologist, cantonal curator of monuments or the convent’s director of works). At regular intervals Müstair-related events take place in the metropolitan areas of Switzerland.

Friends' Association - Membership

You can join by simply filling in the membership application form. Membership subscriptions are tax-exempt; the amount payable is left to the discretion of each member (individuals minimum CHF 100.-; couples minimum CHF 150.-).

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Account information

GKB Swiss postal account 70-216-5 in favour of
Freunde des Klosters St. Johann in Müstair,
Account no. CD 119.094.600
or e-banking: Graubündner Kantonalbank,
7000 Chur, bank clearing no. 774, in favour of
Freunde des Klosters St. Johann in Müstair
Account no. IBAN: CH97 0077 4155 1190 9460 0