History of the Pro Kloster St. Johann Foundation

Discoveries made by the two Swiss scientists Robert Durrer and Joseph Zemp shortly before the end of the 19th century, and research work carried out in the mid-1920’s, brought to light the considerable historical and cultural importance of the Carolingian and Romanesque wall paintings in the convent church of St. John in Müstair. However there was a shortage of funds available to carry out repairs and maintain the convent complex, which, like other historical monuments at that time, was in poor structural condition. In 1969 the annual chocolate coin fundraising drive organised by the Swiss Heritage Society was dedicated to the convent of St. John, which made clear to the general public that a long-term commitment was necessary in order to preserve this outstanding monument. In the same year the interdenominational Pro Kloster St. Johann in Müstair Foundation was set up on the initiative of Gion Darms and Arno Theus, both of whom were councillors representing Grisons in the Council of States at that time.