1492: Vaulting and nun's gallery erected in the convent church

Carolingian single-nave church transformed to triple-nave hall church

On entering the church today the late Gothic vaulted ceiling is immediately noticeable. In 1488-1492 Abbess Angelina Planta had the vaulted ceiling with support columns erected, and a gallery for the nuns, thus transforming the church into a triple-nave hall church. At that time the Carolingian frescoes had been painted over to a large extent, and partially covered with Gothic paintings.

Listen to the nuns singing the liturgy of the hours

The nuns’ gallery is part of the enclosed area of the convent. In summer the Benedictine nuns of Müstair come together five times a day for the monastic liturgy of the hours. Visitors to the church are invited to listen to the nuns as they pray; afford yourself a quiet moment of reflection as you listen to the words of the psalms.